Main Slots Rules

Slots are supposed to be extremely funny and amusing casino games. Nowadays, there are various slots types in land-based casinos and online slots. The only difference between these slots is in operational mechanism, which makes the pictures change.

Pay Attention

Firstly, you should insert some money into the machine. If you play online casino, you can transfer means of payment from your personal account. Then you should put a bet. As far as the land-based slots are concerned, there is a fixed wager there. In online slots you can choose what amount of money to bet at a time.

Secondly, you should spin the reels. In the old slots it can be done by pulling a special lever. In online slots you need to press a button. After the reels have stopped to move, there is a certain combination in a line, which is compared with winning pay lines. If they coincide, it means that you win and payout is made correspondingly.

It should be mentioned that a great deal of online slots are multi-line games. There is no doubt that it makes them more exciting and catching games. Besides, the lines in these slots may travel in a zigzag manner all over the screen. You can put a bet on any number of lines. Surely, it increases your chances to win.

Symbols in slots

Moreover, there are a lot of different s symbols in slots and some of them are of great importance. For instance, wild symbols can substitute any symbol. It is a large advantage while forming a winning pay line. Scatter symbols may give players additional opportunity to win, but only if they occur in some certain configurations. In their turn these configurations may enable a player to participate in online casino bonus games. There are also symbols, which can multiply the player's winnings.

Payouts and tournaments

Furthermore, in physical slots if you win and the payout must be done, the machine hand you out certain amount of coins. If the player is eager to play once more, he should input coins again.

In online slots the funds, which the player has won, are transferred to his balance. It is more convenient as the player can continue playing almost at once. In addition, there are 2 buttons "Reset" and "Replay", using which player can whether change his wager or continue playing with the same one.

There is one more interesting way, in which the slots can be played. It is called free slots tournaments. The essence of it is that players have to obtain as much credits as possible within a certain period of time. It should be mentioned that they start with the same amount of credits.

Three reel pokies can be just as exciting as the five reel pokies games and some of them are definitely considered to be the best online Aussie pokies because of their themes, payouts and modes of play. Three reel pokies games can have single or multiple paylines.