Slot Tips

There are many tips in and around playing slot machines however most of them are myths. Thus we will help you figure out those myths and guide you in the right path, so let's have a look around the myths.

A few tips and tricks that you must know about slot machines beforehand and a few myths busted.

Myth: Check on a slot machine which has not paid for long as the prospects of hit in such machines are high.

Truth: The payouts are usually programmed in the slot machines in the form of chips. The payout percentage has shown the payout for over long time like a year. A year is undoubtedly quite a long gap for coins to be accumulated and paid off! Most if the machines today are programmed and work on random generators, thus the prospects for every player is equal. Irrespective of when a player tries out it will only generate coins when it is programmed to do so. The casino does not point out to the highest odds machines and one has to find it out him or herself. Although casino's do post their overall payout.

10 Tips for Playing the Slots

  • Enjoy casinos at the highest payouts.
  • When playing casinos at land based centers, opt for the one at high interchange. High interchange machines have high prospects of pay off and are more intermittent in paying off.
  • Read through the front display of the machine which talks about the clot schedule and a detail understanding on the machine.
  • Try and play the max coins allowed, moreover when on progressive machines as it will make you win good sum of money.
  • If you do not have the bandwidth to play max coins on machine, downgrade to a different lower denomination machine with max coin. It is always profitable to play a small machine at max coins then a dollar machine with a dollar.
  • It is essential to ignore drop through. Ensure that the machine registers the max coins and invest time to manually deposit and register the coins.
  • Machine with higher denomination value has a higher prospect of payout then the smaller ones.
  • Never play slot machines just placed one after another. Casinos have the trend of putting high pay off machines next to the low.
  • Search for the multiple pay line machines, each coin drop off leads to an additional pay line.
  • Never be greedy as it could bring you massacre. Get off when you have made it.