The Pot in Various Casino Games

In gambling, the pot is the prize money. This name is a variation on the winning term jackpot. The pot is normally made up of the amount of money that people wager for the game or the amount of money they contribute to be in the game. It is handled differently in different casino games.

The pot in blackjack

In blackjack, the pot can only be won by one player. This is the person with the highest blackjack value. However, the pot rolls over to the next game if there is a tie between two or more players for the highest hand. This also happens when two players split their cards and end up tying with the highest hand. If the dealer has the highest hand or ties with one or more players for the highest hand, then the pot will roll over to the next game, as well.

The pot in poker

The pot in poker is won by the player holding the winning hand. If they are more than one, they have to share it among themselves. The sharing of a pot among more than one player is common in high – low games. This is a situation where the person with the highest hand can win, but due to certain predetermined conditions the lowest hand is allowed to get a share of the pot.

The pot in craps

In craps, the game is made up of the player and the casino. The player places the bet, and this is actually the “pot” where craps is concerned. Craps is a two dice game where the person rolling the dice is referred to as the shooter. He/she places a bet on the “Pass line” or on the “Don’t pass line” based on his/her preference. The game of Craps is played in rounds, and each shooter is replaced at the end of each round or if he loses his round to a seven. After each round, the winning player gets the winnings owed to him/her, or pays off any losses before moving over to the next round.

The pot in slots

Slots are games for individuals where you slot in a coin and have the chance to win small amounts of money that vary depending on the kind of slot machine you are playing on. For the player used to winning big pots in other games, the use of progressive slot machines is recommended.

Progressive slot machines have the potential to give players a large jackpot based on how popular the machine is. This is because each time a player is on the progressive slot machine; a small part of the bet is put towards the overall jackpot that could stretch to millions. All the players have to do is keep playing the slots looking for the right combination that will release the jackpot. Once this is done, the counter goes back to zero and starts to create another jackpot.

These are just a few of the different pots in different casino games.