Craps Tips

Knowing the tips could help a player to get an edge over others and make smart decision while stretching out the bankrolls. Read through the following points to improve your game expertise and know the overall gaming.

1. Always ensure that you maintain your peace of mind, calmness and information. In instances if winning a game don't get carried and make hasty stupid gambles which has low prospects becoming a winner.

2. Keep a track of your bankroll and ensure your limits and follow them.

3. Gamble smartly. Pass line and gamble if followed by odd bets could bring good fortune in craps. It's undoubtedly a good tip to stick to these gambles.

Craps Trivia and Superstitions

In a device the reverse sides tops and bottoms come out to be 7 i.e. 1 and 6.2 against five and 3 reverse of 4.neighboring sides never come out to be 7. The dice could be rotated to bring in 1,2 and 3 subsequently and then to 4,5.However it is an anti cheating device which gives an understanding to the user about the use of numbers and dice in a game.

The use of round cornered dice is prohibited in casinos and the modern dices with square corners are in use with the tolerance level of 1/10,000th of an inch.

There are few archeological sites where dices are found made up of sheep's knuckles. There are dices with 4s at two faces exclusively to be found at roman sites.

There are players with irrational thoughts who find it an omen to change the dice in the mid of the roll, There are instances when in the mid of roll, the player shoots the dice off the table, he will ask for the same dice to avoid the change.

When a player calls out seven, one may find out the table being cleared off, that word is believed to be unthinkable and also unspeakable.

Now you have some idea and tactics on you which would help you get a good start when playing crape. The game crap revolves around the dice and it revolves around percentage and prospects. Making yourself clear about percentages is the best way to help you make decisions and be a better player.

Enjoy playing!