Craps Rules

Craps is known to be a gambling game, which is extremely easy to play. It demands from 4 to 6 players and utilizes dice. Before starting to play, participants should put 2 stakes.

General Notes

Commonly, there are 4 casino employees, who oversee the Craps table. Moreover, there are 2 dealers, who are responsible for paying the winners and taking away the loser's chips. 2 croupiers have a duty to watch the move of 2 dice and the stickman regulates the speed of the game.

Craps are believed to be a game of luck. It can be easily explained by the fact that it is not possible to control two dice. That is why it makes no difficulty to indicate a cheater. When a player throw dice, they must roll, not just glide. But, surely you can use some tips to improve your game.

The Purpose of the Game

As in other gambling games, before starting to play the participants put bets. The aim of the game is to get a certain number after throwing 2 dice. To be successful in this game, one should know what numbers come out more often. For example, a seven and an eleven are turned out to have great possibilities to appear from the 2 dice. And vice versa, a twelve and a two have less.

Pass Line Bet

The player, who throws the dice first, is called the shooter. If it happens that the shooter throws a seven or an eleven, it means that he wins automatically. If a player throws a 2, a 3 or a 12, he loses, because these numbers are known to be the most difficult to achieve.

Moreover, all the numbers except a 2, a 3, a 12, a 7 and an 11 are known to be point numbers. If these point numbers roll out, a player should throw the dice again before a 7 appears. If a 7 comes out before the shooter's turn, the Pass Line Bet is supposed to lose.

Odds Bet

While the game is playing, the players have a right to put another additional bet. It is known to be the odds bet. It can be put if the point number is determined. As usual, it deprives the casino of any house edge. Some casinos allow to double pass line bet using the odds bet.