The casino terms below are accumulated to help a player understand the jargons used in various casinos all through the world. It could add on to the players' knowledge so that the players find it friendly when being used at casinos.

Bankroll - General term- The funds you invest to start off with a game.

Bluff - Related to Poker - Trying a strategy to weaken other players and drive them off the game.

Burn Card - Related to Poker - The card which is taken off from the deck prior to dealing out a card to the community cards.

Card Counting - Related to Blackjack - keeping record of the cards in the deck so that the prospect of cards comes out could be gazed.

Comps - General term- The matching gifts or points given to the players to continue other games and keep playing.

Even Money -General term- A gamble which brings you the equal sum of money that you invested.

Face cards - General term- The Jack, the Queen and the King in cards deck.

Flush - Related to Poker - It is that poker card which contains five cards of the same ensemble.

Full House - Related to Poker - It is the poker hand that contains a pair and a three-of-a-kind.

High Roller - General term- The player who gambles big sum and either wins or loses a huge sum of money.

Hit - Related to Blackjack - To bring another card from the dealer to increase your collection of cards.

Insurance - Related to Blackjack - To keep a side gamble so that the prospect of result in case of the dealer having blackjack is good.

Jackpot - Related to Slots - A huge sum of prize being won on a special game or accumulation of symbols.

Loose - Related to Slots - Loose machine is that machine which payouts better percentage than other machines.

Pay Line - Related to Slots - It is a line of signs on which the winning signs must be based so that the player could be the winner.

Point - Related to Craps - The number initiating the game for craps that the player must roll out before he sevens out.

Progressive - Related to Slots - It is a jackpot that has extra money to it when the more players play on selected slot machines.

Session - General term- The time period being spent on any game playing casinos.