Blackjack Tips for Beginners

The rule of the game is quite simple: stay as close to 21 and whoever does it wins the game. Blackjack is a card game that is very popular for its quick gameplay and simplicity. Actually there are many online tips available on how to play blackjack that can help beginners to get their game on with seasoned players of this delightful card game.


The first thing a novice player must understand is the value of each pair of cards that they are dealt or given with, because this is where their careful judgment relies upon whether they will hit or stand.  It is said that the number 17 is lucky because you have an advantage against the dealer, because they cannot hit anymore to get an additional card.

Tip #1: Estimation is Key

Whenever a beginner decides to play blackjack they must remember when to fight or stay. It is an instinct that is honed by several set of games in a span of time. It can be developed whenever you play blackjack free on the internet. For example when a pair of cards says an 'Ace' and a 'Six', the value is either a total of 16 if you are going to stand or 7 if you want to hit. Either way the decision to do such relies on experience from gut feeling. The element of luck is at hand, but the probability of your choice would ultimately decide on how you rate your opponent or dealer's hand.

Tip #2: Learn When To Bluff

Since this is a comparing game, your chances of winning totally depend on getting the most out of the pair of cards that are dealt to you. The best way you can do this is by pretending that you have a winning hand. The numbers 19,20 and 21 (which is blackjack) are your best bet at doing this. Try to enhance your bluffing skills when you play online blackjack. Since most of the games are either played on AI with random algorithms, you can exploit the randomness of the situation.

Tip #3: Choose the best game that suits your style

The best blackjack games are those that excite you and drive you to want for more. There are those that can be played leisurely or those that are played with something at stake, like real money.  Those who bet their hard-earned cash understand the value of what they are dealing with and fully anticipates winning a blackjack bonus for their efforts. Playing online can be a joyful experience if you know where you can find a blackjack game that satisfies your winning conditions. Check out some online blackjack reviews at for more information about the different types of games that are available.

These tips for blackjack beginners are meant to be taken as a primer rather than a walkthrough for winning at blackjack. Experts agree that the key to winning in this game is mastery of number patterns and probability theory, but since we cannot all be mathematicians, we rely on good ol' Lady Luck to determine our fortune. Fortitude and confidence are attitudes that is formed when you go all out to fight your hand. The thrill is there, especially for new players.

Blackjack Mastery can be achieved when you have developed a strong gut feeling and the power of intimidation. A blackjack player is now able to go beyond the basic rules of the game.  They begin to challenge the dealer or their opponents with various conditions such as venturing with side bets. Examples of these are Lucky Ladies, Bust It! and Match the Dealer.

However, online play is more relaxed and efficient. You can play with other players too through the internet and still feel like a winner when you can go head to head with their concealed cards. In no time at all, the newbie learns to make decisions based on chance, that whatever the card that the dealer or their opponent holds they know the right timing to double their winnings by knowing when to stay, hit or split.