Some Favourable Blackjack Rules

The most common question among blackjack players concerns the best place for a game. In fact, they just want to play a blackjack with the most advantageous odds. Actually, these odds are closely connected with the playing blackjack rules, which may differ from one casino to another. There are some rules, using which, a player can decrease the casino odds.

In addition, online casino bonuses is also an important point to consider while choosing a place to play at.

Common Blackjack Rules

Some casinos maintain the following favorable rules of the games with one, two and six decks:

  • Blackjack Hands Paid at 2 to 1. It is not supposed to be a common rule, because it decreases casino's odds by 2.2 percent. It happens that casinos introduce this rule not for a long time in order to promote and attract new clients.
  • Early Surrender. Due to this rule blackjack players may save a half of their bet before the dealer's hole card is not checked. This action is really very efficient as it allows a player to decrease casino's edge by 0.6%. It should be noticed that this rule is implemented in some European and Asian casinos, but it is rarely used in American casinos.
  • Doubling after Pair Splitting (DAS). It is said to be a common rule, particularly in games with multiple decks. One can reduce the house edge by 0.14%, if he uses this rule correctly and in time.
  • Drawing to Split Aces. Usually, if you split Aces, it is allowed to take one card for each Ace. But some casinos adhere to a rule that you can take more than one card for every Ace. This rule reduces the house edge by 0.14.
  • Re-splitting Aces. According to this rule, if you take another Ace after splitting Aces, you may split your Aces one more time and play three hands at once.
  • Late Surrender. This rule is extremely popular in American casinos. It allows a player to surrender after the dealer has examined his hole card for 21 points. One loses only in case the dealer has a blackjack. This rule is supposed to reduce the house edge.
  • Dealer Stand on Soft 17. Usually, the dealer must stand, if he has 16 points. According to this rule, if the dealer has 17 points, he cannot hit and must stand. This rule reduces the house edge by 0.2%.

Of course, blackjack is supposed to be a beatable game, but before starting to play it, one should learn about the game, its strategies (card counting), blackjack probability and money management as possible as much as possible.