Blackjack Basic Strategy

Blackjack is supposed to be rather exciting and breathtaking gambling game and that is why more and more people are involved in it. Still, it should be mentioned that if you want to play it and win constantly, you have to get acquainted with common blackjack rules and some worked out strategies and understand how they work.

Besides, you should be able to combine basic strategy with card counting and implementing of betting systems. In such a way you will increase your chances to win more often.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

It goes without saying that one should start learning how to play with understanding basic blackjack strategy. According to this strategy the most important thing is to know when it is high time to take a suitable action. It really depends on situation and the cards you have, but you should know exactly what to do: whether to hit, to stand, to split, to double down or to surrender.

You can get more information about basic blackjack strategy from special charts or on the Internet. Moreover, there is a great number of the so-called strategy books, which will help you to enlarge your knowledge about the game. If you are through with the basic strategy and believe that you are ready for the game, you can test your skills playing online blackjack for free.

Blackjack Card Counting System

As far as card counting is concerned, it is known to be a notorious art. Using it properly can lead to incredible winnings. The main principle of this strategy is keeping an alert eye on the correlation of high and low cards, which are still in the deck during the whole game.

If the majority of the cards in the deck are high (Aces, Face cards and Tens), usually players elevate their bets, as the chances of getting blackjack increase. Actually, there is a great deal of blackjack card counting systems. They differ in difficulty from very simple to extremely complicated. In fact, it depends on the accuracy of the count.

If the card counting system is complicated, the count will be more precise. There are the following card counting systems:

  • Hi-Lo card counting system
  • Red seven card counting system
  • Kiss card counting system
  • Wong Halves card counting system