9-Reel Online Slots - What's the Difference

Just the way you could walk in traditional land based casinos looking for slots that interests you, you can as well browse through online slot machines to get your best pick. Today, gamers have many slots available to select from including the 3, 5 and 9 reel slot machines and come in various paylines. One of the most popular online slots is the 9 reel slot machine that continues to attract a large number of players. The 9 reel multiline online slot machine looks more or less like the 3 reel slot game. However, the difference is that reels in the 9 reel slot spin independently from one another and is thus referred to as the 9 reel slot game.

With the 9 reel slot machine, wins are possible both on the horizontal lines and vertical lines as well as on the diagonals. A player is able to select number of paylines he or she wishes to place the bet on. If you want to play with single line, just click the appropriate button. Other players also opt to place their bets on all the lines available at once and you will just need to click the ‘all lines’ option. In addition, one can as well deselect all the lines and opt to play on a single line. You can play the 9 reel slot machine game directly through your web browser and you don’t really have to download the game or even install any casino software in your computer.

Some of the most commonly played 9 reel online slots include Beetle Frenzy, Crazy Sports, Chinese Kitchen, Gold Rally, Lucky Eight Line, Magic Love, Safari Madness, Ultimate Fighters and Vacation Station. As highlighted above, you should be able to know which online slot machine you wish to play. While the 9 reel online slots are attractive to most players, this doesn’t mean that they are the best for everyone. As a player, you need to consider the machine payout and check whether it fits in your playing objectives.

The golden rule of thumb is that online slots with high payout mean that the player has high chances of winning less small payouts. If you intend to play the 9 reel online slot machine, you should first of all check the payouts. You should play at slot machines with the maximum payouts and you should bet on maximum possible amount of coins. The 9 reel slot machine gives players a bonus when they play with the maximum possible bet and this increases the pay odds.

There are also there 9 reel video slots which are also great games that you should consider playing. There are many online casinos offering these games and you can try out your luck with them. The best thing about the 9 reel slots is that they not only offer high payouts but also come with very exciting bonus features as well and the scatter and wild symbols assure you of multiple exciting winning combinations.